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Dieselgate: Volkswagen to start recalling affected cars in January

We have just learned that the recall campaign for Volkswagen TDI cars equipped with illegal software is expected to start in January 2016, if all goes according to plan. Each and every affected vehicle should be fixed by the end of next year, the BBC reports. 

New Volkswagen AG president and CEO Matthias Müller said that “only a few employees” have been involved in the emissions scandal. Still, numerous investigations have been launched across the globe, and a formal complaint has been filed by a customer in Germany.

The massive recall of 11 million cars sold under various VW brands will prove a daunting task. While some units may require a simple computer update to meet the standards, others will need new catalyzers or injectors. The final bill is sure to exceed the €6.5 billion the company has already set aside for repairs.

On a positive note, VW stocks are back on the rise. It seems like Müller’s initiatives and speeches have restored some of the investors’ faith in the German automaker.