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Volvo C30 design: A conversation with Simon Lamarre

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Amyot Bachand

A "production concept"
Volvo C30 Design Concept (Photo: Volvo)
Funny, but true: the C30 concept, unveiled in 2004, was actually a concept ready for production. Looking to spark the interest of the consumers, Simon made some modifications: adding a body kit, choosing a unique exterior color, altering the front grill, etc. The reactions were more than positive. Later, Simon and his team revisited the C30 concept to take the public's comments into account. The base car kept the subtle body kit, which can either be black, body-colored or of an entirely different color. The sports package with full ground effects became optional. Buyers can also opt for the same 18-inch wheels as the concept car. The black trim over the headlights also remained untouched, while the taillights give a smiley look to the rear.
(Photo: Amyot Bachand,
Moreover, you'll notice that the C30 features the most prominent rear haunches in the Volvo lineup, which enhances its physical presence and solid feel.

During the development process of the C30, Volvo and Simon Lamarre continued to study the market and the trends in order to meet the requirements of buyers. Simon became the project chief designer and closely supervised the development of the car until the production phase. The Volvo C30 will make its Canadian debut at the Montreal International Auto Show. Obviously, Simon will also be on hand.
Amyot Bachand
Amyot Bachand
Automotive expert