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Volvo joins Charging Interface Initiative to standardize EV charging

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Volvo has partnered with the Charging Interface Initiative, a consortium of stakeholders that was founded to establish their Combined Charging System (CCS) as the standard for charging battery-powered electric vehicles. 

The CCS combines single-phase with rapid three-phase charging, using AC power at a maximum of 43 kilowatts, as well as DC charging at a maximum of 200 kilowatts with the future possibility of up to 350 kilowatts. Once certified, every automaker around the globe will be able to use it.

 “We are very happy to support and be involved in the setting of standards for electric vehicle charging systems. The lack of such a standard is one of the main obstacles for growing electric vehicles’ share of the market,” said Dr. Peter Mertens, Volvo’s Senior Vice President for Research & Development.

Volvo is a leader in plug-in hybrid design and will offer such a variant with every model in its lineup by 2019, around the same time the company’s first fully electric car will launch.