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Will Dodge really axe the Grand Caravan?

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According to an infographic posted by Road & Track , Dodge will soon become a performance brand exclusively and abandon the hugely popular Grand Caravan in the process.

The poor-selling Avenger is also out of the picture.

First, the Viper will apparently return to the Dodge brand, but retain its signature V10 engine. The new Dart SRT will receive a high-output turbo and AWD, while the Charger SRT and Challenger SRT will get a Hellcat engine.

A new Dodge crossover, possibly based on the Jeep Cherokee to replace the Journey, will make its debut with a turbo engine and AWD. A B-segment sedan/hatchback appears to be in the works, as well.

It's a sad day for minivan lovers. At least the Chrysler Town & Country will continue...

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Dodge Grand Caravan
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