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Wishes come true at Mosport Raceway

Wishes come true at Mosport Raceway

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BOWMANVILLE, Ontario – "Hang on guys", I said, downshifting as the flashing red lights grow larger in the rear view mirror. With a heady snarl, the 530-hp Porsche 911 Turbo S surges ahead, the landscape blurring as the wind howls around us.

Photo: Lesley Wimbush/

Eyes like saucers, the two youngsters watch the cruiser recede into the distance, its "whoop-whoop" growing fainter as our speedometer hit 170, 180, then 190 km/h.

What sounds like an exercise in extremely bad example-setting was actually part of the on-track excitement of the April 17 annual Children's Wish event at Mosport International Raceway. It's hard to say who was having more fun–the two nine-year olds waving "bye-bye" to the police officer through the rear view mirror–or me, legally outrunning the cops in a borrowed $210,000 Porsche.

Clambering out of the car, my two giggling passengers are breathless with excitement. They'll have plenty to share with their classmates at school next week.

Since its inception in 1984, The Children's Wish Foundation has worked tirelessly to help make dreams come true for over 16,000 critically ill Canadian children. This year, the Foundation hopes to grant 1,000 wishes to eligible children with the help of donors and volunteers. It's a lofty undertaking; fulfilled wishes include such disparate choices as family trips to far-off lands, swimming with dolphins and visits from sports and movie heroes.

It's no secret that kids (of all sizes) love cars. Each year, the racing community at Mosport International raceway (hosted by Doncaster Racing, Pfaff Auto Group and Mosport Park) rallies together to hold a special day for "wish children" who can ride along in a real race car around the world-class track. The event has raised over $300,000 to date, with a staggering turnout of exotic sports coupes and competition race cars offering an unforgettable experience to the thrilled participants.

Participation is by invitation only, with drivers contributing not only an entry fee, but a supplementary donation equal to the horsepower of their car. For example, a ferocious red GT500 Mustang –a fan favourite–would pay $550, $1 for each of its 550 horsepower.

Sleek red Ferraris, lovely Aston Martins (the aristocrats of the auto world), full-on race cars complete with roll cages and emblazoned with stickers, tiny Shelby Cobras, Corvettes, Porsches of every description and yes, even police cruisers have all lined up in pit row to take on happy passengers.

Photo: Lesley Wimbush/