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The first generation Acura CL, which bowed out in late 1999, is now replaced by a larger new comer in 2001. The replacement with its modern and streamlined silhouette, albeit somewhat plain, will easily make us forget the preceding model that did not have the assets to compete on equal terms in the luxury sport coupe market segment. Built from the renowned TL structure and endowed with two finely mated engines, the new car is likely to stand as a fierce competitor, even to European models.

Elegant, Streamlined But Conventionnal Look
The new Acura 3.2 Coupe CL, introduced at the major Auto Shows ins USA and Canada, boasts of a more impressive silhouette than its CL coupe predecessor, the latter being unable to gain fair recognition during all those years.

Built over the solid TL platform, its rounded shapes are both elegant and conservative. Underneath that conventional cladding lies a superbly refined mechanics with amazing and unsuspected power on tap. (The Type S features a vigorous 260 horse cavalry).

As you get inside the 3.2 CL, you immediately recognize its Acura origins with its elegant dashboard. The three large gauge instrument cluster is disconcertingly easy to read.

The easily located main controls are within reach. Because of the navigation screen in the central part of the dashboard, the controls for the audio system and air conditioner sit a little bit low.