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2018 Honda Accord vs 2018 Toyota Camry: What to Buy?

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The raging popularity of SUVs and crossovers among families in recent years has certainly impacted sales of mid-sized sedans, but that’s not to say the segment does not still hold sway with large numbers of consumers. Admittedly anecdotal proof of that is in the popularity of our articles devoted to them on our website!

If you lean toward the American models, natural choices include the Ford Fusion and the Chevrolet Malibu; South Korea’s contributions to the category include the value-packed Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima. But the ever-present Japanese manufacturers are still big players, as demonstrated by the Mazda6, Nissan Altima, Subaru Legacy, and of course the traditional big rivals, the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry.   

The two long-time segment kings, particularly in Canada, continue to go head to head in our market, with the Accord edging out front in 2017 sales to date, selling 11,418 units as opposed to 10,615 for the Camry. For the 2018 model-year, each is coming to the ball as brand-new, sophisticated and attractive next-generation refonts. At we figured it a worthwhile exercise to line the two up for a comparative look, one we hope will help enlighten your purchasing decision.

Take note that the Accord and Camry each offer distinct rosters of standard safety and drive assist systems, and that each is available in a hybrid version (though the Accord Hybrid’s launch date is not yet confirmed). Pricing as well is very similar.

In numbers…

2018 Honda Accord – SpecificationsReviewPhoto gallery

- LX 1.5T manual at $26,490
- LX 1.5T CVT at $27,790
- Sport 1.5T manual at $29,790
- Sport 1.5T CVT at $31,090
- Sport 2.0T manual at $32,790
- Sport 2.0T auto. at $34,090
- EX-L 1.5T CVT at $32,490
- Touring 1.5T CVT at $35,790
- Touring 2.0T auto. at $38,790

Strong points

  • Aggressive new look, coupe-style silhouette
  • 2 excellent 4-cylinder turbo engines
  • 3 transmission choices (6-speed manual, CVT, 10-speed automatic)
  • Slightly more engaging driving experience
  • Better equipment for the price point

Weak points

  • Design too radical for some
  • No longer any V6 on the menu
  • A bit more gluttonous on fuel

2018 Toyota Camry – SpecificationsOur analysisPhoto gallery

- L at $26,390
- LE at $27,490
- SE at - $27,890
- LE with Upgrade Package at $29,990
- SE with Upgrade Package at $30,790
- XLE at $34,890
- XSE at $34,890
- XSE V6 at $39,690
- XLE V6 at $40,690

Strong points

  • Exterior look easier to digest
  • Original presentation of the centre stack
  • More powerful engines
  • More comfortable seating and overall ride

Weak points

  • High-end (V6) versions more expensive
  • Only one available transmission (8-speed automatic)
  • Slightly less roomy interior and trunk
  • Absence of heated rear seats and of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility’s pick: 2018 Honda Accord