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2005 Maserati Coupe and Spyder Preview

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Khatir Soltani

Pulling Cues from Quattroporte

While 2005 is bearing down upon all with great speed, Maserati seems to be heading back to the 1960s. In a time of mass platform

Since being introduced in 2003, both the Maserati Coupe and Spyder have received minor exterior and interior modifications with each new model year. (Photo: Maserati)
sharing to cut costs and robotized manufacturing facilities, the Italian exotic car firm is turning to a technique from its earlier days to lure in new customers.

Almost every year since the car's introduction in 2003, both the Coupe and Spyder have received minor exterior and interior modifications. In a segment of the market as risky as selling six-figure sports cars, visually distinguish the latest models is the best way to keep clients interested.

For model year 2005, the major visible change is that both cars get a new front bumper. It takes a keener eye to identify the slightly larger grille, more pronounced in its shape, features four horizontal ribs and a larger version of the corporate trident. It extends

It takes a sharp eye to spot the front end changes on the updated Maserati. (Photo: Maserati)
slightly from the car's hood, whereas the current model is flush-fitting. Additionally, the parking light and turn signal bezel has been shifted closer to the grille and features a clear lens with orange indicator bulbs as opposed to the orange-tinted lenses of models past. Accenting the new bumper is a redesigned lower valance, separate from the bumper.

The purpose of the nose job is to begin the unification process of Maserati's sports cars with the luxurious Quattroporte executive sedan, a glorious modern example of Italian heritage which marks the brand's reentry into the ultra-luxury segment after a brief hiatus.

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