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2019 Hybrid and Electric Car Guide: The Hybrids

2019 Toyota RAV4 hybrid | Photo: Toyota
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Vincent Aubé
Here’s the third edition of our annual guide to hybrid and electric cars available in Canada!

It’s gotten pretty hard for even a day to pass without there being some mention of electric mobility in the automotive industry. We have been witness to this staggering explosion of interest and innovation in the domain of green vehicles for a few years now, but 2019 is proving to be a particularly fertile and febrile period for new hybrid, plug-in and all-electric vehicles – and Canada’s market is being as upended as any in the world!

We published our first Hybrid and Electric Car Guide in the summer of 2017, and the immense interest it drew begged for a follow-up last year. Interest has only grown since then, so we’re back this year with a comprehensive look at all the models that in their way contribute to reducing fossil-fuel emissions around the world.

As in the past, we’ve included important figures like base prices, as well as links to relevant reviews we’ve published and specifications of certain models.

One other change in the domain is worth noting for 2019: this year, with Ontario’s cancellation of its EV rebate program, only two provinces currently offer incentives to buyers of electricity-powered vehicles, Quebec and British Columbia.

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The greening of the automotive industry may be well under way, but Acura is being slow to adjust its product offering. In 2019, the automaker’s lineup includes the same three hybrid options as it did in 2018. Once available with only a combustion engine, the big RLX sedan ($69,990 CAD) has since last year been offered only with a hybrid powertrain. That system combines a 3.5L V6 with a hybrid system similar to the one in use in the NSX exotic car and with all-wheel drive.

The MDX Sport Hybrid ($69,990) is a more common sight on Canadian roads; its V6 is a 3.0L unit.

As for the NSX ($189,900), it’s also the beneficiary of a hybrid powertrain, but obviously the focus is much more on delivering exhilarating performance. It runs on a twin-turbo V6 combined with three electric motors.

Specifications of the 2019 Acura RLX

Specifications of the 2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

Acura MDX Sport Hybrid
Acura MDX Sport Hybrid | Photo: Acura
Acura NSX
Acura NSX | Photo: Acura
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