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Ford Releases Teaser Images of New Bronco and 2nd New SUV

That Ford was planning to resuscitate its Bronco model and name by 2020 has been known for over a year. This past week, the company released a statement detailing part of its plans for the next few years. The Bronco figures prominently in these plans, as does a new, as yet unnamed utility model.

A primary focus for Ford will be to grow the family of SUVs it places on the market. The two most popular models it currently has, the Explorer and the Escape, will be getting major revamps in 2019. These two models account for 70% of SUV sales for Ford. Recently added to the lineup are the Expedition and the EcoSport, and Ford has confirmed the addition of two more: the reborn Bronco, and another, smaller SUVs that has not yet been given a name.
The future as Ford sees it is clear: the automaker expects to see demand for its SUVs rise by 20% by the year 2020. It has transferred $7 billion of its budget previously allotted to cars to the utility segment. Its goal is to be selling over 1 million units in that vehicle category by 2021.

Right now, the company has released first teaser images of the new Bronco as well as the unnamed future small SUV.

If you were hoping for much revelation regarding the Bronco, you’re out of luck, unfortunately. The profile image of the canvas-covered vehicle does hint at a very square frame, prominent wheel arches and a spare tire mounted on the rear hatch. None of these elements represent a radical departure from the Bronco of old.

As for the second model, it features an aggressive fascia with Ford lettering across the grille. The shape appears very compact and may well be indicate it is lining up to be a direct rival of the Jeep Renegade.
In both models, much attention will be paid to their off-road capabilities, according to Ford.

Ford also reiterated its commitment in electric mobility technologies, stating in its presentation that several of its models will be available in some type of electrified format by 2020.