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No Manual Gearbox for the Honda Civic in 2021

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The sedan version of the Honda Civic will not be available with a manual transmission in 2021. This is just the latest in a long line of similar decisions by automakers, but in this case there’s good reason to think it’s temporary. The model is scheduled to get a major overhaul for 2022, and it’s quite common for an end-of-cycle model to lose many of its options.

For now, those who want a stick shift-equipped Civic next year will be able to opt for either the hatchback Civic or the Type R variant. Keep in mind that the Civic lineup is small in 2021, with both the coupe and Si variants absent.

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Even this year, the possibilities for Civic buyers wanting a manual gearbox are limited. It can be had with the base versions with naturally aspirated 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, or with the Si, and that’s it. In principle, the manual should return to the product offering for more versions when the next generation of the Civic debuts.

Regarding that new Civic, we shouldn’t expect any revolutionary changes in terms of its design. Patent drawings that surfaced online in late September show a model that looks only mildly different than the current edition.

Things can still change, of course. Maybe Honda will surprise us with something bolder.

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2020 Honda Civic, interior
Photo: Honda
2020 Honda Civic, interior