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No Fridge or Vacuum for the 2021 Toyota Sienna Initially

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When the 2021 Toyota Sienna was given a virtual presentation back in the late spring of this Covid year, we learned that the model had several new goodies in store for consumers, including hybridity and all-wheel drive.

However, there were other features that also caught the attention of potential buyers, namely an integrated mini-fridge and vacuum system on some variants. Those who have these items on their wishlist for the new Sienna will have to wait, however.

A Toyota spokesperson revealed that the two components will not be available at the Sienna's launch due to a problem with suppliers. Said the spokesperson to Motor Trend website, succinctly, "Availability is to be determined”.

Toyota is still planning to ship the first Sienna models to dealers by the end of the year. The fridge and vacuum system will eventually be available on board, but when that will happen exactly remains unknown.

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The Honda Odyssey was the first in its class to offer an integrated vacuum cleaner. That was in 2014. Today, this feature is offered by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) with the Chrysler Pacifica. Toyota wanted to make the vacuum cleaner a standard feature on the Limited version, and the refrigerator an automatic feature with the top-of-the-line Platinum model.

These are small details, but it is important that the consumer be informed. If the Sienna was on your list and you were interested in these features, please check with your Toyota dealer to find out when they will be available.

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