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2024 Genesis G70 Gets New, More-Powerful Base Engine

2024 Genesis G70 | Photo: Genesis
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Derek Boshouwers
Rumours of the model’s eventual demise haven’t kept Genesis from updating it

•    Genesis shares details on the 2024 Genesis G70 luxury sedan.

The Genesis G70 is getting a new engine and more power. A new 2.5L engine replaces last year’s 2.0L and Genesis is upgrading the braking system to go along with it.

In 2023, the base trim of the Genesis G70 got a 2.0L turbo-four that made 252 hp. The new 2.5L makes an even 300 horses, along with 311 lb-ft of torque. It gives the car the most powerful standard engine in its segment, the automaker said. The 368 hp 3.3L twin-turbo V6 stays on the options list.

To help cope with the extra power, Genesis is upgrading the brakes. All copies of the G70 have Brembo brakes that the company says boost stopping power.

The all-new 2024 Genesis G70
The all-new 2024 Genesis G70 | Photo: Genesis

Genesis is upgrading the cabin, too. A new exterior emblem with a new engraved pattern gives a hint as to what’s in store inside.

There is a new touch-type climate control system as well as a frameless rear-view mirror. Genesis has added functional detailing to the interior switches, the door and console panels, and other spots around the cabin.

USB-C charging is standard for 2024, and there is a new rear side airbag. Genesis Digital Key 2 is added to the G70 package for the new year, and it works with Apple Wallet and Samsung Pass to let customers use their phone as a key. Owners can even share a virtual key through iMessage, giving other drivers access remotely.

The new 2024 Genesis G70, profile
The new 2024 Genesis G70, profile | Photo: Genesis

Genesis said that pricing will come later this year. Expect the new model at dealers around the same time.

Recall that this past August, reliable sources in South Korea indicated that Genesis had decided not to produce a second-generation G70. This has still not been confirmed, but it's clear that the model's uncertain future isn’t preventing Genesis from updating it.

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2024 Genesis G70, Genesis logo on hood
2024 Genesis G70, Genesis logo on hood | Photo: Genesis
2024 Genesis G70 blue
2024 Genesis G70 blue | Photo: Genesis
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