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A First Recall for the New Chevrolet Corvette

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Chevrolet has launched a recall campaign for certain models of its new 2020 Corvette. The affected units would not comply with a federal standard that requires all vehicles to be equipped with a trunk opener in case someone is stuck inside.

In fact, the button that opens the trunk from the inside ceases to function 10 minutes after the car has been stopped, because the car then falls into a very low standby mode.

According to a statement issued by Chevrolet on August 6th, the affected Corvettes will be able to take advantage of a software update that "will lower the voltage required to wake the vehicle from its low power 'sleep' mode." According to the manufacturer, this will allow the interior release button to function as intended when the car is stopped. The update can be carried out by over-the-air magic or in person at the dealership.

Note that this reminder has nothing to do with recent information circulating regarding the trunk opening by itself while the car is in motion. Several owners have reported this problem, but Chevrolet has not, as of yet, "been able to identify any mechanical issues associated with this situation." It plans to increase the strength of the audible warning that is emitted to indicate that the trunk is unlocked, as well as change the warning message that appears on the screen.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on this situation.

As for this recall, while waiting for repairs, it would be safer to avoid locking someone in the trunk for now...