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Ford Will Replace the Hardtop on Broncos

Yesterday we were at the Canadian launch of the new Ford Bronco. On Monday, you'll find out if we like it or not when the embargo lifts on reviews of the newest addition to the Ford lineup. But even as we were behind its wheel, the Bronco was making headlines, once again because of its roof.

Once again, yes, because just lest week, we reported a problem identified by several owners concerning premature wear of the soft top in certain places. A problem with the supplier, explained the manufacturer.

This time, the hardtop is the issue. In fact, Ford is going to have to replace all hard tops on models it already built, which will delay delivery of affected units, needless to say., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!
In a letter to customers, the Dearborn company states that the hard tops installed on the two- and four-door versions have a quality issue that does not affect performance, but causes an "unsatisfactory appearance when exposed to water and extreme humidity".

It's important to remember that the hardtop can be installed on models with two or four doors. Ford confirmed to Car and Driver magazine that all hardtop Broncos built to date are affected and that it will replace all hardtop models' tops by October.

Ford will begin with the vehicles of customers who have already received theirs or which are built. It's also important to mention that despite the problem, owners can continue to drive their Broncos.

Those who have ordered a Bronco and have not yet received a date for its assembly will either receive a 2022 model or have the option of upgrading to a soft-top version with a hardtop prep kit, at no cost, reports Car and Driver.

Ford spokesperson Mike Levine said on Twitter that the goal is to build all First Edition models (which are not available in Canada) by the end of the year. Production of the 2022 models will begin in December and order books will open in September.