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Peugeot is still aiming for 2023 for a return to North America

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Back in 2016, when Peugeot announced that it was planning a return to the North American market, it mentioned that it wanted to do so for 2026. In April 2019, the brand expressed its intentions to come back earlier than expected, in 2023 instead of 2026. A few days ago, the company confirmed that it is still the case.

Peugeot felt it was important to do so, because of this rumor that the return to North America was being delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. While COVID-19 has shaken the company's wheels, it has not shaken its desire and commitment to make this comeback.

PSA’s (Peugeot Société Anonyme) North American CEO Larry Dominique said Peugeot is now working to determine how it wants to sell cars in North America. The company says it will use franchise dealerships while relying heavily on online sales. Larry Dominique said customer satisfaction with the dealership model was one of the reasons the company turned to the Internet. Customers want a "simpler and more efficient" purchasing process, he added.

Peugeot's return to North America will occur when the company becomes part of the new firm Stellantis, which will be born in early 2021 from the mergers of PSA and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). The company will become the fourth largest manufacturer in the world with annual deliveries of around 8.7 million vehicles. The 13 brands will be maintained, which could play a role in the way Peugeot decides to offer its models to its customers.

Of course, this is still a long way off, but we can now expect announcements in the near future regarding the corporate plan. After all, 2023 is only two and a half years away.