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Saab name won't be seen on new vehicles

It looks like the Saab name won’t be appearing on any new vehicles.

According to a report on Autonews, the Swedish company that owns the brand, Saab AB, won’t grant permission for the name or logo to be involved with any new products from National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS).

That company acquired the bankrupt Saab Automobile division in 2012 and planned to produce electric sedans based on the Saab 9-3 to two Chinese companies.

Pictures have even surfaced of a 9-3 EV with the Saab name and badge on it, but NEVS has never been given permission to use them.

Saab AB told Automotive News Europe that NEVS will not be permitted to use the Saab name. “We have revoked their right to use the brand name,” spokesperson Sebastian Carlsson said.

In an interview with Sweden’s public broadcaster, NEVS owner Kai Johan Jiang said the company will sell the vehicles under a brand name suited for the Chinese market.