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Access to car insurance

In all provinces of Canada, it is mandatory for motorists to be insured against damages caused to other parties in the event of a road accident. Consequently, the Automobile Insurance Act mandates that all motorists must have access to civil liability car insurance.

However, individual private insurance companies do have the right to refuse to offer you car insurance. If for example you have a bad driving record or have made many insurance claims, a private insurer can and may refuse to insure you.

The Automobile Insurance Act does not apply to public insurance systems as are in place in British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec or Saskatchewan.

What do I do if I can’t find an insurer?
In Canada, the Facility Association (FA) helps high-risk motorists who are unable to find civil liability insurance from a private insurer. The FA is an organization of insurance companies who serve as an auto insurer of last resort and will provide insurance to individuals who cannot obtain it from private insurers. You can download a brochure from the FA’s website for further information.

In Ontario adherence to the Automobile Insurance Act is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Links to further information on access to car insurance in all Canadian provinces can be found on the Consumer Information website.