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Best Low-Cost Winter Tires for 2017-2018

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Winter tires are not cheap, it's no secret. And for most of us regular people, purchasing them is not a fun task; it's more like a forced expense. However, depending on your commuting habits and where you live, you might not need the best and most expensive winter tires out there. Some affordable tires provide good enough performance in winter conditions and will get you through the season without breaking the bank. To help drivers on a budget, we came up with a list of our favorite winter tires under $100.

Minerva Eco Stud               

  • - Decent traction on ice
  • - Good traction in light snow
  • - Road Hazard (1yr or 2/32nds) warranty

Usage: Rural driving

Price: $81.21 (per tire for a 2015 Toyota Corolla - 195/65R15)

With its directional tread pattern, this affordable Chinese tire offers good traction in snow. While it's not as confident on ice, it can be studded for added traction. For the price, the Eco Stud is a good choice!

Maxtrek Trek M7

  • - Good traction on ice
  • - Good traction in snow

Usage: Highway and rural driving

Price: $93.72 (per tire for a 2015 Honda Civic - 225/55R16)

Like most budget tires, the Maxtrek Trek M7 has a directional tread pattern and performs better in snow than on ice. However, given its price, it's worth considering. On the downside, this tire is not studdable.

Sailun Ice Blazer WST1                   

  • - Decent traction on ice
  • - Good traction in snow
  • - Road Hazard Replacement Program

Usage: Rural driving

Price: $89.04 (per tire for a 2015 Mazda3 - 205/60R16)

The Sailun Ice Blazer positions itself among the best Chinese winter tires with its directional tread pattern that provides good performance in snow. This tire can be studded for added traction on ice.

Hercules Ironman Polar Trax WSP

  • - Decent traction on ice
  • - Good traction in snow

Usage: Rural and highway driving

Price: $81.69 (per tire for a 2015 Hyundai Elantra - 205/55R16)

Another Chinese tire with a directional tread design that provides good snow evacuation and sufficient traction on ice. Again, if you want to feel more confident on icy roads, get that tire studded!

Kapsen AW33                               

  • - Decent traction in snow
  • - Good traction on ice

Usage: Urban and highway driving

Price: $72.35 (per tire for a 2016 Nissan Sentra - 205/55R16)

Unlike the other tires on our list, the Kapsen AW33 performs better on ice than in snow because of its soft tread compound. As you might have noticed, it's the less expensive tire in the bunch and so far we've had a positive feedback from our customers. Of course, it’s never going to be as durable as a Michelin or a Nokian.

All the tires mentioned above are worth considering if you have a smaller budget. Obviously, they are not as comfortable, quiet and durable as high-end tires, but they still offer a sufficient amount of traction to survive winter. If you are still wondering which winter tires to buy, visit!