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Luc Gagné

Luc Gagné has been an active part of the automotive media since the 1970s. In the 1980s, he headed Formula 2000 and Magazine de l'auto ancienne, and, during the 1990s, Le Monde de l'auto magazine (World of Wheels Publishing). Since 1999, in addition to his position of Assistant Editor for the Quebec-based Auto Journal group, he has at different times served as chief writer for several of its magazines (Auto Journal, Auto Passion and AutoMag).A car enthusiast since his early childhood (actually, legend has it that his first words were: Mommy, Daddy... and Volvo!), Luc was also co-author and photography director for L'Annuel de l'automobile, from the publication's inception in 2001 through the 2008 edition. In addition, he wrote the catalogue and visitor's guide for the Beauté mobile exhibition, presented in 1995 at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He also authored Ford : 100 ans au Canada, book published in 2004 by Formula Media Group.Recipient of several awards for excellence in the automotive press domain (Mitsubishi Award, 2005; Nissan Award, 1988; Golden Quill Award, 1986), Luc is renowned for his photography work.

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