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BMW X1 Concept

BMW X1 Concept

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Following the undisputable success of its SAVs, or Sport Activity Vehicles, BMW will be presenting the embryo of a new X series in Paris, the X1 Concept. After the X5, X3 and X6 models, the X1 is the natural evolution of the compact SUV lineup. Despite the cancellation of the super SAV project, the X7, the manufacturer intends to pursue its plans and level down its SUV lineup.

The X1 Concept will be the manufacturer's first SUV to take up the visual cues of the Concept CS, BMW's new styling standard. Marking the end of the controversial style of head designer Chris Bangle's time, BMW continues its tradition of project managers for its next generations.

The X1 is naturally more compact that its big brothers, the X3, X5 and X6. Shorter than the X3 by 108 mm, the X1 is an urban crawler with unparalleled driveability. With an overall length of a little under 4.5 m and a wheel base limited to 2.76 m, it's definitely compact. However, its overall width of 2.02 m ensures decent interior space for the passengers.

Among the styling cues that are found on the concept and will later adorn the production model are the headlights directly inherited from the CS Concept. The Beemers' four eyes will no longer be completely round; the top part has been chopped off in favour of a wide white band acting as an eyelid over the light clusters. Another inherited feature are the grille nostrils, now more prominent and especially wider.

The concept is shod in 19-inch wheels housed in virtually square arches, successfully enhancing the sturdy look.

With the X1 Concept, width is king. All aspects have been integrated with the thought of enhancing the impression of width. On top of the grille, the light clusters reflect those of the X5 and X6, with three-dimensional headlights spanning the fascia, hood and fenders. The fog lights have been pushed to the outskirts of the bumper.