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New BMW X2 will get an M Performance variant (probably)

Introduced just this year, the BMW X2 small SUV will likely be getting an M Performance variant, according to German sources who spoke to Car and Driver magazine.

The X2 M edition would retain its 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, but those sources indicate its output would exceed 300 hp.

Esthetically, the future M version would hew pretty closely to what consumers currently get when they choose the M Sport package for the X2.  In terms of the chassis and what will lie under the hood, that’s another matter, however. The suspension, braking system and all-wheel drive would all be reworked to deliver the kind of driving experience expected of an M-badged BMW.

That’s not to say that things aren’t changing over time for the performance division. At one time, certain elements were considered absolute musts, for instance rear-wheel drive, an inline-6 (and naturally aspirated) engine and a manual gearbox.

The reality today is quite different. The future X2 M will operate with a 4-cylinder turbo, and its architecture will be based on front-wheel drive. Fortunately, the magic of electronics will allow the M division engineers to provide an all-wheel drive system that favours the rear drivetrain.

With Mercedes-Benz offering an AMG45 version of its GLA, and with Audi apparently having decided to bring its upcoming RS Q3 to the North American market, an X2 M makes a whole lot of sense. Go to it, BMW.