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Bridgestone Blizzak LT: New Winter Tire for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Now, who would want to introduce to the market a new winter tire at the end of February, with spring looming on the horizon and motorists already turning their thoughts to changing back to all-seasons? Bridgestone, that’s who! The company has always endeavoured to be ahead of the curve in anticipating the next cold season. Its new Blizzak LT is designed for heavy-duty SUVs and pickup trucks.

The model LT outperforms the Blizzak W965 in terms of control and road grip on challenging winter road surfaces. The new rubber compound is also more durable, so that drivers should be able to get one more season out of them on average (in normal usage, or about 2,000 km per month between November and April).

The tire’s new tread pattern includes 30% more biting edges for better grip on snow and for improved water evacuation in comparison with the W965.

Manufactured at the Bridgestone plant in Joliette, Quebec, the Blizzak LT will be available in 11 different sizes when it hit the market this summer – enough to fit 93% of the light trucks in use today, according to the company.