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Gasoline and Electricity Likely to Coexist at Cadillac Past 2030

The Cadillac Celestiq | Photo: Cadillac
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Daniel Rufiange
When it comes to ICE vs electric powertrains, changing market trends and consumer demand will play an important role in future decisions.

In 2021, Cadillac promised an all-electric lineup by 2030. Recently, while attending an event concerning one of the brand's models, we received a somewhat different sound bite.

Cadillac is not changing its mind about the all-electric offering promised for the end of the decade. It has already presented the Lyriq and Escalade IQ, while the Vistiq and Optiq SUVs, as well as the Celestiq luxury sedan, are all set to make their debut.

The difference is that the move away from gasoline engines may be slower and more measured than previously planned. In other words, in 2030, it’s likely that both types of powertrain (electric and gasoline) will coexist under the Cadillac banner. This was confirmed to members of the media by brand manager John Roth.

Of course, no one at Cadillac dares to say exactly when they believe ICE engines might disappear. First of all, auto brands are famously – and understandably – loathe to share details about future plans. And second, in the current automotive climate, there are few medium- and long-term plans that can be considered set in stone.

Even though sales of EVs continue to climb, the pace of the growth has slowed, leading to a much greater level of caution. Automotive News reminds us that Cadillac has proposed buyouts to some of its U.S. dealers who decided not to invest in chargers and other equipment needed to sell electric vehicles. More than one chose to withdraw in 2021.

John Roth said Cadillac will be guided by consumer preferences for electric vehicles during the transition. “The idea of having the luxury of choice in our portfolio is a competitive strength,” he said. Which were words taken nearly straight out of the mouth of Jeep executives this week.

The Cadillac Lyriq
The Cadillac Lyriq | Photo: Cadillac
Daniel Rufiange
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