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Canadian Consumers and the Cars They’re Looking For

After the annual summer lull, fall brings us back to earth and back to business. That includes the auto manufacturers, who double down with new model launches and new arrivals at dealerships.

And that, of course, is because consumers shop for cars in greater numbers at this time of year as well. A recent study by the Environics Research Group shows that the month of September is one of the busiest months for car purchases, behind only May (12%) and June (14%).

The survey reveals some other interesting statistics as well, for example:

  • - The car-purchase process, from beginning to end, takes on average just under three months (2.7 to be exact);
  • - 18% of buyers take between two weeks and a month to make their purchase;  
  • - Only 16% of buyers run through the entire shopping and buying process in less than two weeks;  
  • - 47% of potential buyers set out to buy a used vehicle, and conversely 53% look for a new one. In the end, 44% wind up buying pre-owned, and 56% drive home in a new vehicle.

So what models are Canadian consumers considering during their shopping process? Here’s a list of the most commonly searched vehicles in this country since June 2017:
1.    Ford Mustang
2.    Honda Civic
3.    Ford F-150
4.    Chevrolet Corvette
5.    Chevrolet Camaro
6.    Dodge RAM
7.    Dodge Charger
8.    Honda CR-V
9.    Jeep Wrangler
10.    Toyota RAV4