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Christmas Gift Ideas: 3 of the Best Car Book Suggestions for Enthusiasts

Need a last-minute Christmas gift idea? If the person you have in mind is passionate about cars and the history of the automobile, we believe they’ll enjoy at least one of these three car books.

Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute
Author: Randy Leffingwell – Publisher: Motorbooks

There's something for every Porsche enthusiast in this book, whether rear-engine 911 loyalist, race fan or follower of contemporary vehicles. The author offers a richly illustrated and detailed book that captures the full story of one of the world's leading automotive companies, from its first 356 to today's technical tour de force, the 918. It was actually created with Porsche's cooperation and brings to light the engineering and design prowess behind Stuttgart's most famous cars.

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Car: The Evolution of the Automobile
Author: Rod Green – Publisher: Andre Deutsch

Where would we be without the automobile? From the earliest "horseless carriages" to the wizardry of today's Formula 1 racers, this colourful volume documents the fascinating evolution of cars. Filled with illustrations, photos and images of historical documents, it explores the automobile’s massive impact on popular culture, the great inventors and models, today's cutting-edge technology and what the future might bring.

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The Greatest Cars Ever Made: An A-Z of More Than 300 Amazing Automobiles
Authors: Hilton Holloway & Martin Buckley – Publisher: Carlton 

From the fastest sports cars ever assembled by hand to the safest family automobiles to ever come off the production line—and everything in between—the most important cars ever made are covered in The Greatest Cars Ever Made. Indulge yourself with all the technical specifications and details of beloved classic cars; feast your eyes on the stunning photographs of the sexiest supercars; and soup-up your car knowledge with helpful analysis of the world's finest automobiles. Barely contained within the book are many beautiful, powerful cars from the most prestigious international manufacturers, such as the Bugatti Veyron, the Model T Ford and the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow. It might just be the perfect drive-time treat for the car-mad member in your family.

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