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Chevrolet Camaro : Used

Model:  Chevrolet Camaro : Used

Vehicle Type: Coupe/Convertible

The Verdict Of The Used Chevrolet Camaro: The first few years of new-Camaro models are not problem–free, though a strong online owner’s community has done a great job of documenting potential issues that new shoppers should be aware of. Many of these are relatively minor and easily identified -- though some aren’t.

A partial list is presented below, though shoppers are advised to visit a site like for a closer look. Maximize your peace of mind by opting for a model with plenty of factory warranty remaining, and consider a mechanical inspection mandatory.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS 1LT 3/4 view
Photo: Rob Rothwell

Price Of The Used Chevrolet Camaro: High mileage, V6-powered units from 2010 can be had for as low as $12,000, perhaps less, with a newer V8-powered model commanding $30,000 or more. Shoppers will find plenty of selection around $20,000.

What Owners Like: New-generation Camaro owners tend to be most fond of their vehicle’s performance, styling presence and fan-factor when travelling around town. The cabin is generously sized and comfortable, and fuel mileage from the V8 on a highway cruise is surprisingly good.

What Owners Dislike:
Common complaints include a “cheap” feel to much of the cabin’s plastics, bad outward visibility, less-than-impressive mileage from the V6 engine, and big, long doors that are easily whacked in parking-lot situations. Some owners complain of an awkward shape to the steering wheel and gear shifter, too.

2011 Chevrolet Camaro RS 1LT shifter
Photo: Rob Rothwell