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Chrysler 200C EV Concept

The 200C EV concept is a strong indicator for the future of Chrysler. Embodied in a stunning new design, the 200C is to the Sebring what the 300C was to the 300M. In fact, the 200C is based on a shortened version of the 300C platform. Chrysler says the 200C EV will also have rear-wheel -drive like the 300C, but that is where their drivetrain similarities may end.

The 200C EV concept is a strong indicator for the future of Chrysler.

The 200C EV concept is capable of running 64 km purely on electric power before continuing on to almost 650 km with the aid of a gasoline motor to recharge batteries. Unlike most current hybrid vehicles, the 200C's gasoline motor is not mechanically connected to the drive wheels; instead of being a gasoline-powered vehicle with electric assist, the 200C is an electric-powered vehicle with gasoline assist.

The revolution of this green technology mostly stems from the use of lithium-ion batteries as opposed to nickel-metal hydride batteries. The former out performs the latter while also being smaller and lighter; however, the lithium-ion varieties cost considerably more. Only recently has this technology, outsourced by industry specialists, become realistically suitable for common mass-produced vehicles.

Expect the 268-hp 200C EV to run to 100km/h in approximately seven seconds before continuing on to a top speed of over 193 km/h. Beyond the impressive 'get up and go' technology, the 200C EV concept is also fitted with an array of new features that may or may not make it to production.

Driver personalization goes beyond seating, climate, and audio settings to also include a "teen setting." Not unlike Ford's MyKey, this teen setting limits top speeds while also notifying the owner if the vehicle is driven erratically or away from a specified distance from home.

Though a production 200C would likely carry five passengers, the 200C EV concept treats up to four passengers to their own heated or cooled bucket seat. Two-tone trims are inside with snappy green accents. Outside, the aerodynamic 200C has a stretched Chrysler grille that will front future models from the brand.

Two-tone trims are inside with snappy green accents.