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A Cyclist and a Motorcyclist Collide in Toronto, Arguing Ensues

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An incident that could have had tragic consequences occurred took place this week in Toronto, as a motorcyclist and cyclist collided at an intersection in the city. As always in cases like this, at least one party was in error – but the Internet is arguing about which one.

The video, shot by the motorycyclist's helmet cam, shows the motorcyclist stopped at a traffic light. He is then passed on his right by a cyclist completely ignoring the red light. When the light turns green, the motorcyclist accelerates and rapidly catches up to the pedaling cyclist. On arriving at the next intersection, that of Danforth and Main, the two collide.

An altercation ensues between the two people involved, neither of whom, thankfully, was hurt enough to require an ambulance trip to the hospital. As the arguing continues, a passerby even joins in to give their two-cents worth.

We won’t venture a judgment as to who’s at fault, we’ll leave that to you. We wish you happy debating, and might as well share this widely to really get passions inflamed. And who knows, maybe it will make cyclists and motorcyclists – and pedestrians and drivers, for that matter – more prudent on the road?