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Is Dodge Planning a New Challenger Generation for 2023?

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Dodge is currently working on a new track-focused edition of its Challenger model. That we know, but what we hear is that the company is concurrently preparing the next generation of the car. Despite relatively robust sales for the current-generation Challenger, the models is aging and sooner or later, it will have to be comprehensively renewed.

Initially it was thought we might see a next-gen Challenger arrive for the 2021 model-year. But the company recently announced that timeline had been pushed back. Now, the year being bandied about is 2023.

And why is that? Because some eagle-eyed folks at Muscle Cars And Trucks website noticed that on an image of the instrument panel of the 2020 Challenger, currently in development, the odometer reading shows… 2023 miles. Coincidence? Possibly, perhaps even likely, but rumours have started over less.

As for what the next Challenger will look like, we know little but expect that it will be continuation of the current edition. Its retro look has worked well for the model, after all, and in fact sales have outpaced the company’s expectations.  Dodge’s head of design, Mark Trostle, confirmed that its retro design would remain.

While we await for 2023 or whenever the next generation is finally ready, we can expect the usual parade of variants of the current edition of the Dodge Challenger.