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Dodge Viper 25th anniversary models already sold out

The 2017 Dodge Viper limited-edition models celebrating the car’s 25th anniversary and final year of Viper production have already sold all 206 units available. Orders began on Friday, June 24th. 

That is quite an impressive feat for the equally impressive American sports car.

Leading the selling spree was the new 1:28 Edition ACR. All 28 units sold out in just 40 minutes. Meanwhile, all 31 units of the VoooDoo II Edition ACRs had new owners within two hours. The Snakeskin Edition GTC (25 units) and GTS-R Commemorative Edition ACR (100 units) took only two ordering days to sell out. Finally, all 22 units of the Dodge Dealer Edition ACR sold out within five ordering days.

Did you miss out on one of these? An all-new ACR version of the Snakeskin Edition will be made available with up to 31 units to continue the 25th Viper Anniversary celebration. Orders for the Snakeskin ACR special edition will open in mid-July.