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Dubuc to Launch New Tomahawk EV on StartEngine

Startup car manufacturer Dubuc Motors has announced it will be launching its new Tomahawk electric supercar via the crowdfunding platform StartEngine, a first for an EV. The new 2+2 fully electric car will offer an extended range, and investors will be able to learn about the funding campaign on StartEngine starting this month.

With American sales of electric vehicles expected by some industry observers to jump from 2.6 million units sold in 2015 to over 6 million by 2024, Dubuc is making the same bet as fellow EV manufacturer Tesla that demand for cleaner vehicles will continue to grow and incite investors to climb on board. Dubuc Motors co-founder Mike Kakogiannakis believes the launch is the end-result of years of visionary thinking and plain hard work: “Our commitment and dedication through exhaustive R&D and numerous prototypes have led us here today. The Tomahawk embodies ingenuity and furthermore is a great vehicle to drive and promote our engagement towards sustainable development.”

The endeavour is a first as well for equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine, which sees Dubuc as emblematic of the type of enterprise its platform is meant to support. Said StartEngine CEO Ron Miller, “"A dual revolution is now underway in the worlds of both transportation and entrepreneurship. Equity crowdfunding is fueling innovation, enabling investors across America to support progressive companies like Dubuc Motors at a ground floor level."