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Ferrari Will Give its EVs Distinctive Sounds

Ferrari SF90 Spider PHEV | Photo: Ferrari
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Daniel Rufiange
A Ferrari without the sound of its engine is hard to imagine; the challenge is great for the company as it electrifies

•    Ferrari's future electric vehicles won't be quiet, the Italian firm says.

With most electrified vehicles, the question of mechanical sound is not an issue. With an SUV, it's much nicer to hear nothing than to endure the sometimes shrill screech of a 4-cylinder engine struggling to pull a heavy load. 

With performance cars, however, the issue of sound is more relevant. The level of driving pleasure is enhanced by the sound of the engine and exhaust system. In the electric age, we lose this element. 

It's important for BMW, Chevrolet and Ford, but it's even more crucial for a company like Ferrari, renowned for the incredible sound of its engines. 

The company's first electric model is due to go on sale at the end of 2025. Little is known at present, with Maranello keeping details close to its chest. However, we did learn something recently from Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna when he took part in a program (Swawk Box) on the European channel of the CNBC network. Vigna asserted that Ferrari will continue to emphasize style and performance with its electric vehicles, and that they would not lose their unique look.

But he also stressed that “electric cars will not be silent”. He explained that Ferrari is working on unique sound signatures for its models. In fact, the company patented an exhaust note for electric vehicles in 2023. 

Vigna also acknowledged that technology will enable Ferrari to "do a lot of things" with these vehicles. The brand's customers don't care much about functionality, allowing the automaker to focus on the emotion its creations bring to its customers.

The executive, who has been at the helm of Ferrari since 2021, said he was convinced the company could still deliver an exceptional driving experience by harnessing technology "in a unique way".

What don’t yet know what will be the signature sound of Ferrari’s first EV, coming by the end of 2025. The brand's electric shift includes a new production plant (slated to make batteries, electric motors and power converters) that should start operations next June. 

At the same time, Ferrari continues to invest in gasoline engines. Vigna said he doesn’t believe that gasoline engines will disappear completely from the luxury car market. That said, 60 percent of the Ferrari lineup is expected to be electrified by 2026. 

Daniel Rufiange
Daniel Rufiange
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