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A First Look at the GMC Hummer SUV

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Last month, during the presentation of the first game of the World Series of Baseball, GMC proceeded with the grand unveiling of its Hummer pickup truck. It was already known at that time that an SUV was also in the works. In all likelihood, we got a glimpse of it last week.

In fact, we also reported that during a General Motors (GM) marketing presentation with investors, we may have gotten a glimpse of the electric pickup truck being prepared by Chevrolet among the vehicles displayed in the background.

One of those vehicles is clearly the SUV version of the electric Hummer.

Unsurprisingly, the utility version of the Hummer shares much of its design with the pickup, including the bumper, wheels, square fenders, skid plate and body height. Although GM hasn't confirmed anything, we can guess that the SUV will use the same Ultium battery pack with an 800-volt architecture, boast a maximum range of about 600 miles and have a powertrain offering 1,000 hp.

The interior should also be a copy-paste of what's on board the pickup with a large central display and a set of digital gauges. We don’t know yet if the Hummer SUV will inherit the removable roof panels and all the off-road driving functions promised with the pickup version. If that proves to be the case, the new Ford Bronco, as well as the Jeep Wrangler, would have a fearsome all-electric rival to contend with.

We're still a long way from the finish line, however, because even the pickup, first to come out of the gate, won't debut in Canada for another year, at least. For now, there’s no official word when the SUV might arrive.

Nothing like a good teaser to whet appetites, though.

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