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Ford recalls 650,000 vehicles for wiper issues

Not all of the recalled vehicles have the issue, but Ford must inspect them to make sure and repair those that do. Automotive columnist: , Updated:

A major recall is being issued by Ford that affects more than one model in its lineup, including the F-Series pickup trucks as well as 2020-2021 Expedition and Navigator (Lincoln) SUVs. The problem is related to the wiper system that can cause the wipers to malfunction.

Obviously, a wiper that isn't usable when difficult road and weather conditions arise can lead to a significant loss of visibility and, at the same time, increase the risk of an accident.

According to Ford, one of its suppliers used worn assembly tools that resulted in wiper arms with longitudinal moldings (rods) that are not high enough to fully engage the engine pivots they are mounted on. This can cause them to come off when the motors are turned on. As a result, the wiper arms may not move at all or may only engage intermittently.

"This can cause the arm attachment to become detached when used with certain high-torque wiper motors," Ford said in its defect report submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). "Potential symptoms include erratic or slow speed of either wiper arm."

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Not all of the approximately 653,000 recalled vehicles are experiencing this issue, as the installation of the defective part was not done consecutively in relation to the vehicle identification number. As such, all are being recalled and are considered problematic until they are inspected.

Ford will inform owners of the recall campaign starting in May.

Of course, with the warm weather coming, the risk of reduced visibility is less than in the winter, but it will be important for owners to make sure their wiper systems are working properly before the cold season returns.