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Genesis: A new luxury car brand launches in Canada

Genesis G90 | Photo: Genesis
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Guillaume Rivard
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Hyundai’s new luxury car brand officially began its Canadian operations today with the launch of Genesis Motors Canada. Around 30 separate dealerships will open in the next five years and Genesis stores will even pop up in shopping malls across the country starting next summer.

Genesis aims to stand out from other luxury car companies by surpassing customer expectations through a modern, human-centred purchase and ownership model.

Potential customers will be able to schedule a demo and/or road test with a Genesis representative at a time and a place of their choosing. They will also have the opportunity to fill financing documents, make a deposit, and order a new car through the online platform while sitting comfortably at home or at the office.

The prices you’ll see not only include freight and delivery charges, but also complimentary maintenance services and navigation software updates for a 5-year/100,000km period.

In addition, the Genesis at Home concierge service extends from the purchase process into the ownership period where customers can have their vehicle picked up for scheduled maintenance, left a courtesy vehicle, and returned when complete.

“Genesis will bring the brand into customers' lives in a harmonious way, saving them time with simplified, set pricing, fully-equipped models, and the Genesis at Home concierge service for sales and service,” says Michael Ricciuto, Director of Genesis.

The Genesis portfolio will first include the G80 midsize luxury sedan and the G90 full-size luxury sedan, which we tested late this summer. By 2021, it will expand to six models following the addition of a sports coupe, a smaller sedan, and two SUVs.

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Guillaume Rivard
Guillaume Rivard
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