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Honda and GM Will Co-Develop Several New Affordable EVs

GM and Honda are already working together on an EV, with the Honda Prologue SUV one result Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Honda and General Motors (GM) have been partners for a while on a project to co-develop an electric vehicle. For Honda, the result will be a model called the Prologue, to be available in 2024, and another one from Acura. Those EVs will use GM's Ultium platform, a structure that will serve a slew of electric models to come from the American auto giant.

The two companies have just announced they are deepening the partnership, and that we can expect a series of new all-electric models to come out of that.   The plan calls for GM and Honda to jointly develop a range of compact-sized electric models that promise to be affordable. Models should start to hit markets in2027, and not coincidentally we can expect them to feature new battery technologies. These include solid state batteries and also materials like lithium metal and silicon.

The scale of this planned output is massive, given that we’re talking about the worldwide production of millions of electric vehicles.

The word “affordable” of course refers to the entry-level brands of both companies, Chevrolet and Honda, but the platforms could easily allow for other models to be produced by other divisions owned by the two giants. Mary Barra, GM's CEO, has already mentioned that pricing parity between electric and gasoline-engine models would come around 2023. Logically, producing new models in large quantities will lead to prices dropping and greater accessibility of EVs to buyers on a budget.

This is just one of several large-scale projects worth following. But what will be doubly interesting with this one is that we will be getting news from both companies as different models (and accompanying announcements) are released at the same time or just about. Prices will also be something to watch closely. What, for instance, does affordability mean, exactly, for GM and for Honda?

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