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GMC Hummer to Be Unveiled During Game 1 of World Series

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Last February, the Super Bowl was the occasion for GM to officially announce it was resurrecting the Hummer name, this time to designate an all-electric truck model under the GMC banner.

Followed a series of teasers that revealed the front grille, the logo and other bits and pieces.

The next step was for the GMC Hummer to make its grand debut on May 20, but those plans were kiboshed by the coronavirus. Now, GM has confirmed it will introduce the new model in full this coming October 20, at 8 pm during Game 1 of the World Series.

According to a short promo video released by the automaker, production of the GMC Hummer will start in the fall of 2021, making the first edition a 2022 model.

“We cannot wait to finally reveal the GMC HUMMER EV. We are leaving no stone unturned on reveal day. In terms of audience reach, we anticipate this will be one of the brand’s most ambitious stand-alone campaigns ever."

- Phil Brook, vice president of GMC marketing

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GMC Hummer, wheels
GMC Hummer, wheels

The first match of the 2019 World Series drew an audience of over 12 million American viewers averaged out, according to the Associated Press. Then factor in hundreds of thousands more in Canada – if not more, and you have a sizable captive audience if you’re GM.

The automaker says it will start taking pre-orders on the Hummer EV as soon as the reveal happens.

That reveal will take place at 8 pm sharp (EST) on the Fox network, as well as on The Voice on NBC. Another option is to catch the reveal live-streamed on the GMC website, or else on YouTube.

GMC Hummer, roof
GMC Hummer, roof