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Geneva 2018: Return of the Supra!

The Supra name is being resurrected this week in Geneva, with Toyota unveiling its new GR Supra Racing Concept. Designed with the same focus on performance, power and handling that made the Supra such a beloved name for so long, and such a dominant force in GT racing events in Japan and beyond, the new GR Supra Racing Concept is, unsurprisingly, a sight to behold before even taking it out on the road.

The new prototype, representing the fifth generation of the Supra to have seen the light of day, was conceived by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. It sports a large ‘90’ on its doors in homage to the old Supra’s codename, and features a dramatic bodywork design decked with a large rear wing. The use of lightweight composite materials for the front and rear bumpers, among other components, enhances the car’s speed and handling performance. Other racing-oriented elements include lowered front and rear suspension, Brembo Racing calipers and discs, even a racing exhaust. This theme continues inside with the racing dashboard display, quick-release steering wheel on a racing column, full roll cage and competition-standard fuel and brake lines, pedal box and more.

We don’t know at this point how close-to-production the new Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept is, or even when the automaker intends to have the Supra name re-enter Toyota showrooms. It is clear, however, that it’s more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if’; Toyota does fully intend to resurrect the name, to the great delight of the model’s many die-hard fans! The GR designation is also, it appears, here to stay, and we’re fully expecting that not too far down the road it will serve as Toyota’s weapon in taking on the likes of BMW’s M and Audi RS high-performance divisions.