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Hershey 2019: Cars You Could Get for Under $10,000

With over 1,000 cars for sale each year, it's always possible to find a good deal at Hershey Automotive columnist: , Updated:

Auto123 revisits the most recent edition of the Hershey swap meet, the largest event on the East Coast dedicated to classic cars... and to some freshly eligible to be considered classic! Next week, we look at the pickups on display at the Hershey gathering.

With over 1,000 vintage cars for sale on the grounds of the annual Hershey fall event, there are sure to be some captivating models for sale. Here are 10 of them that could be had for under $10,000 (USD) at the 2019 swap meet in Pennsylvania.  

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1986 Acura Integra

Photo: D.Rufiange

Time marches on: slowly but surely, we start to see a lot of cars from the 1980s and 1990s appear at old car events like Hershey. Many are still the property of the original owners, a state of affairs that often translates into incredible buying opportunities. This Acura Integra has changed hands over the years, but the person selling it at the Hershey event had owned it for 25 years - which explains its incredible condition. A reasonable price, too, for such a rare model.

Asking price: $5,900

Volkswagen Beetle

Photo: D.Rufiange

Volkswagen Beetles are pretty easy to find - with over 21 million units produced, they're everywhere. If you're interested in a model, it's its condition (either original or restored) and the value it offers that count. This version was certainly interesting, if you’re a fan of the hippie era.

Asking price: $9,500