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Over 400,000 KM Already for a 2022 Honda Civic for Sale

The 2022 Honda Civic with 248,816 miles on it
Photo: Honda
Testimonies to durability are great for a model's image. Honda is surely getting a kick out of this one Automotive expert , Updated:
The 2022 Honda Civic with its odometer showing 248,815 miles
The 2022 Honda Civic with its odometer showing 248,815 miles
Photo: Honda

•    A 2022 Honda Civic is for sale with over 400,000 km on its odometer.

•    The owner commuted very frequently between Houston and Dallas.

•    The Carfax report indicates that oil changes were carried... every two weeks.

It's not uncommon to hear the story of a vehicle with an impressive mileage history. Cars with more than 500,000 km under their belts are no longer an exception. 

Occasionally we’ll hear about particularly hardy vehicles that have been driven 1.0 or 1.5 million km. Here’s a twist: a model that has accumulated a lot of mileage in a short period of time. This is what we across courtesy Car and Driver magazine, which in turn cites the Tire Meets Road website and its report on a 2022 Honda Civic currently for sale, and which has 248,816 miles (or just over 400,000 km) on its odometer. 

Considering that the 2022 Civic arrived on the market in early summer 2021, that means that it's been on the road at most for just under a year and a half. Let's say 16 months. Do the math, that gives us an average of 25,000 km... per month. That's just under 1,000 km per day.

That’s almost inconceivable. Yet, the Carfax report confirms that the model has indeed driven that distance, as evidenced by a regular visit to the shop for an oil change... every two weeks. 

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The 2022 Honda Civic for sale, front
The 2022 Honda Civic for sale, front
Photo: Honda

And how can a car rack so many miles/kilometers in such a short time? Turns out, the former owner made daily trips between Dallas and Houston as a medical courier. 

The distance between Houston and Dallas is about 400 km. 

The car is currently for sale at a price of about $18,000 USD. That's not much for a 2022 model, but considering its high mileage, buyers might think twice.

Back in 2018, you may recall, Hyundai bought back a Hyundai Elantra from a woman who had tallied 1.6 million miles on it in just five years. We also saw the same from Toyota, which bought back a 2007 Tundra pickup with over a million miles on it. To study it. 

In this case, Honda told Car and Driver magazine that it has no plans to buy back this Civic. The company just hopes the next owner will be able to accumulate as much mileage with the car. Might take them a little longer…