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Hot off the web: info on the next rotary engine Mazda (RX-9?)

Hot off the web: info on the next rotary engine Mazda (RX-9?)

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A user on the forum reportedly got wind of unofficial information from several sources concerning the next rotary engine Mazda, which he dubbed RX-9.

Smaller and lighter than the current RX-8, the two-door model will reportedly be built on the same platform as the new-generation MX-5 and generate heaps of torque. According to his sources, it would likely be introduced as a 2015 model.

Although Mazda puts great store in the SKYACTIV technologies, apparently the Japanese automaker is attempting to develop its own high-performance hybrid powertrain, which would feature three modes, electric, gas and hybrid.

The author of the post believes this can be easily accomplished, as a rotary engine is compact, contains less moving parts and has excellent power-producing potential.

Based on the information gathered, he says the arrival of the model would herald the demise of the RX-8.

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Source : Mazdas247