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Hyundai and its SuperStructure Taking Safety to Heart: a Must-See!

Own a Hyundai Elantra or another vehicle made by the Korean manufacturer? Thinking of buying one? You don’t want to miss this video showing the ultimate in stress tests carried out on the automaker’s famed SuperStructure.

The company endeavoured to pile up no fewer than seven ready-to-deliver (and so unaltered) Elantra sedans on top of one of its chassis to demonstrate just how solid it is. Special cages were built to prevent the cars from falling over, and in fact these cages increased the weight of each of the sedans by some 1,000 lbs.

Even with 12.6 metric tons (27,780 lbs) weighing straight down onto the chassis, the SuperStructure frame held together with ease. You can see it for yourself:

Hyundai developed the SuperStructure by using its own advanced high-resistance steel (with a 53% ratio) and calling on structural adhesives in order to increase the strength of the chassis and ensure better performance (tighter road grip, smoother ride, and increased sound insulation). This special steel is only marginally heavier than the light steel used in chassis panels, but is much better able to resist getting deformed. Safety is also improved thanks to better energy management in the event of a collision.

“The Hyundai brand and its vehicles have scored exceptionally well in safety, quality, and dependability studies conducted by third parties,” explained Lawrence Hamilton, Director of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada. “The SuperStructure test is a way for us to communicate these attributes in a very dramatic way.”

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