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iCar and DriveNow in Copenhagen

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Car-sharing programs are emerging the world over, and companies like Mercedes and BMW in particular are taking it upon themselves to use these programs to showcase the capabilities and practicalities of their urban-dwelling electric cars. 

With successful introductions in Germany, the UK and the USA, BMW is now taking their i3 electric vehicle to Copenhagen with a fleet of 400 units prepped and ready to hit the mean streets of Denmark, a city already well-versed in public transit and a goal of cleaner air and better quality of life for all. 

So, BMW’s i3 all-electric vehicle fits the bill perfectly, and is set to be a great match for the Danish city when the fleet arrives at the beginning of September this year for the DriveNow car-sharing program. BMW is working together with Arriva, the Danish branch of British Arriva PLC, the largest bus operator in Copenhagen. 

BMW’s i3 invasion of Copenhagen only fuels the already raging fire of electric vehicles the world over and will prove just how useful and practical they can be for city life.