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IBM partners with Local Motors on self-driving shuttle

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Meet Olli, a fully autonomous shuttle bus that was designed and 3D-printed by Local Motors with help from IBM, which is making its first foray into self-driving car technology.

More specifically, the tech giant has developed special software allowing passengers to interact with the vehicle through simple voice commands such as “Olli, can you take us downtown?” or “Olli, are we there yet?”

AFP reports that printing the whole vehicle takes a mere 10 hours, with an extra hour necessary to complete assembly. 

Starting this summer, the first operational shuttle will be on display at a new production facility in National Harbor, Maryland. Visitors will get to learn more about its many functions and capabilities.

Trials will begin in Washington, D.C. shortly, and additional road tests will be conducted in Las Vegas and Miami later this year. It remains to be seen when and where Olli will hit the market exactly.