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An image of the next Ford Mustang appears on Facebook

The next Ford Mustang will still have gasoline engines, but electrification will definitely be part of the equation. Automotive columnist: , Updated:

The current generation Ford Mustang was introduced to the press in September 2014 as a 2015 model. If you are interested in the model, you surely know that a redesign is planned for very soon.

In fact, heavily camouflaged prototypes have already been seen testing. And it has been in such fashion that it's been impossible to discern anything concrete about the new design.

In the past few months, some have suggested that the new model could adopt lines like the electric Mustang Mach-E model, which could have been a step backwards considering that these lines are a bit softer than what we know from the sports car.

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However, this would not be the case, at least according to an image that has been circulating on the web this week, a picture that appeared on a Facebook page. It seems to show a flyer or poster of some kind, with the face of the next Mustang in the spotlight.

CarBuzz is the one reporting the news. According to the Facebook page that posted the image, Steeda (which specializes in Ford performance products), this would be the S650 GT version, equipped with a V8 of some sort.

The style is recognizable, we'll agree on that. Obviously, the grille has been completely redesigned, but more importantly, there are more massive openings in the center, at the height of the bumper, and on the hood. This suggests the presence of a turbo in the engine room. The Mustang is already available with such an engine, but in a four-cylinder configuration. It looks different here.

Not to mention that some form of electrification may be on the menu for several variants. Let's stop speculating for now because everything is still to come. It does make our mouth water, though.

All in all, it's certainly an interesting model that will eventually be revealed, but the traditional Mustang may have already said its last word, at least in its basic configuration.