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Jaguar Confirms Commitment to Coupes

The Jaguar F-Type has not exactly been a money-making machine for its maker since it debuted in 2014. As gorgeous and drivable as it is, it competes in a segment where the competition is fierce and the number of shoppers is dwindling.

Rumours have circulated periodically in recent years that the model could be abandoned at the end of its current cycle.

Apparently rumours of its death were, as they say, greatly exaggerated. Jaguar’s talented head of design, Ian Callum, recently had this to say to Top Gear:

"There will always be a Jag two-door coupe in the line-up because that's the story of what we're about, and you can't build a brand without a story. So yes, a two-door coupe is essential to the brand. The volumes may not be high but we will build two-door sports cars and the rest will grow from that."

- Ian Callum, Jaguar

The designer’s comments do hint that the company is currently working on a replacement for the current F-Type. What’s not known is whether it will be an evolution or a complete overhaul, nor can we guess at what engines will be offered with it. Will it continue to run on traditional combustions engines or will electric motors enter the mix? Stay tuned.

Rumours of electrification of the powertrain persist. Said Callum, "You'll have to wait and see."

The designer did confirm in his comments that one coupe in the lineup was probably enough, that two or three were not needed. Which means we can forget about Jaguar offering up two-door versions of its sedans like the XF, for example.

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Jaguar F-Type
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