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Jaguar XK : Used

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Justin Pritchard
XK owners loved style, performance and practicality
Inspect the convertible top on equipped models for signs of rips, leaks, patches or a moldy, mildewy smell — which could indicate a troublesome leak. Ensure the top operates smoothly in both directions, and question any ‘straining’ sounds from the top motors, binding or trouble opening and closing.

Triple check for proper operation of all electronics on board. Seat controls, lights, steering wheel-mounted controls, audio and climate systems and power window switches should all be scrutinized. A second nighttime test drive is also advised to ensure all console and dashboard lighting functions properly. The XK has been reported to suffer from numerous niggling electronic issues that could be hard to diagnose, so be sure the electronics in the model you’re considering are in full working order. Have the XK ‘scanned’ for any engine trouble codes, too.

As with any performance car, a mechanical inspection to assess the condition of the brakes, suspension, tires and all fluids is advised. Given the potential for high repair bills, this model is a good candidate for any extended warranty coverage available.

The Verdict Of The Used Jaguar XK: Purchasing a used XK without a comprehensive inspection from a trained Jaguar mechanic is not advised. During ownership, regular maintenance and tune-ups, as set out in the owner’s manual, will be key for long-term reliability. A well-loved, dealer-serviced model from a pre-owned Jaguar program is your safest bet.

2005 Jaguar XKR interior
2005 Jaguar XKR (Photo: Jaguar)

Justin Pritchard
Justin Pritchard
Automotive expert