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2022 Kia EV6 to Get Several Variants, Including a 576-hp GT

2022 Kia EV6 | Photo: Kia
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Daniel Rufiange
There’s a massive 409-hp difference between the 167-hp base model and the GT

A few weeks back Kia first unveiled its EV6, the first salvo in the Korean automaker’s electric offensive that will mark the next decade, both there and across the industry.

Now Kia has spilled more beans regarding the sleek all-electric crossover.

For instance, when it debuts in North America, the EV6 will come in a range of variants; two battery formats will be available, as well as single and dual motor configurations. One details that stands out is the whopping swing in power between the 167-hp base model and the 576-hp GT variant.

That entry-level EV6 is equipped with a single electric motor that drives the rear wheels, and is served by a 58-kWh battery. Another rear-wheel drive EV6 will be offered with a more powerful 77-4 kWh battery. It delivers allow the longest range of all the versions, though we don’t know precise figures. Kia claims several configurations are getting close to 500 km of range but isn’t being more specific for now, likely because not all tests are complete., 100% online, shop for your next car, buy online and get it delivered to you anywhere in Quebec!

2022 Kia EV6, profile
2022 Kia EV6, profile | Photo: Kia

The two-motor configuration that provides all-wheel drive automatically comes with the larger battery pack. The two motors, arranged in the front and rear, produce a total of 313 hp. Here, Kia promises a 0-100 km/h time of just over 5 seconds. The Kia EV6 GT, which has the 77.4 kWh battery and more powerful front and rear electric motors (and so, 576 hp to play with) can do the 0-100 km/h trick in about 3.5 seconds.

The EV6 can be charged at fast DC charging stations (up to 350 kW), which means it can recover 120 km of range in 5 minutes and go from 10 to 80 percent charge in 18 minutes, according to the automaker.

Kia also released some details concerning the first models that will be available initially, including a limited 1,500-unit First Edition; it remains to be seen what will or will not be reserved for Canada. Also, will our lineup have any exclusivities or differences from the one that will be sold south of the border? We don’t yet know.

Stay tuned for those details when Kia Canada provides them.

2022 Kia EV6, three-quarters rear
2022 Kia EV6, three-quarters rear | Photo: Kia
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