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A New Logo Coming for Kia?

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A few months ago Volkswagen unveiled with great pomp a new logo, though only a very close study of it reveals any differences with the old one. Now we learn that Kia is pondering its own new logo; from the images it has published, we can say in this case the change is more notable. by the

If you analyze it closely enough, in fact, you could deduce that the new design reflects the road traveled by the brand since its beginnings. You see and sense in it a steady, positive evolution.

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Offered in red and in black, the graphic, which reimagines the three K-I-A letters, has been registered in South Korea with KIPRIS, the Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. The company is still awaiting approval by the agency and by local officials, but that should only be a formality. The application was actually made by Kia on July 19th of this year.  

Close observers might find the new logo familiar, and that is because the Korean automaker featured it on a recent concept car, the Imagine prototype that was unveiled to the world in Geneva last spring.

We don’t know at this point if Kia intends to use the logo across its entire range of vehicle, or just the electrified products. Only time will tell.

Meantime, we’re free to render our own verdicts on the new design. For you, is it a thumbs up or thumbs down?